Gbemeho Gilou Agbaglah, Ph.D.


The Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory (FDRLab) focuses on a comprehensive understanding of phenomena and problems encountered in fluid dynamics. Single and Multiphase flows are studied using the state-of-the-art theoretical, computational and experimental approaches. Aerodynamics problems such as the downstream instabilities of flows past cylinders and airfoils, and Two-Phase flows problems such as hydrodynamic instabilities of a sheard liquid-gas interface, drop impact and liquid atomization are of main interests. Theoretical techniques such as linear theory, asymptotic matching, self similarity, and numerical approaches such as the Volume of Fluid (VOF) and the Accurate Conservative Level Set (ACLS) methods to locate the interface position between two fluids, adaptive mesh refinement and parallel computations are used.
FDRLab promotes the development and use of open-source codes.